Covid-19: employee benefits

Incentives for all staff and their families

Despite the difficult months of the pandemic Saclà awarded economic recognition to all employees who continued to guarantee their presence in the company, which is essential for some processing phases.

“[…] I am proud to express appreciation and gratitude to all of you for your commitment and dedication to the company during this period. In this regard, the company has decided to acknowledge an award to whoever has provided, despite the difficulties, their presence in the company. All united we will be able to overcome these terrible adversities. I thank you and your families.”

Lorenzo Ercole, President of Saclà

The economic bonus, disbursed in April 2020, was followed by other actions aimed at contributing to the serenity of the employees’ families, such as the supply of FFP2 masks for all employees.

The initiative has a dual purpose: on the one hand, to continue the prevention and protection phase towards all employees and, on the other hand, to simplify, given the mandatory requirement, in having masks available in their personal lives”.

Moreover, during the most acute phase of the pandemic, Saclà limited as much as possible the access of outsiders to the company and provided for remote work for administrative and managerial staff, supplying everyone with PCs and cell phones on time. 

President Lorenzo Ercole and CEO Chiara Ercole expressed their utmost appreciation and gratitude to all employees for their commitment and dedication to the company. 

Message from President Lorenzo Ercole published on Sunday 5 April 2020 in the newspapers LA STAMPA, IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA and LA REPUBBLICA.