Saclà supports electric mobility

Electric cars in favour of sustainable mobility

Saclà has taken further measures in terms of sustainability and minimization of the environmental impact. The company has arranged for the use of electric vehicles to limit CO2 emissions during travel between the Saclà plant, located in the historic centre, and the new plant in Castello d’Annone, thus making employees aware that they are choosing in favour not only of the environment but also of a lifestyle that is attentive to energy consumption. 

E-Mobility by 2030

Electric mobility’s benefit is not only quantified in the transport sector but also in the environmental and health sectors. The CO2 emissions have significantly reduced, the air quality improved, and noise pollution is reduced by more than 50% compared to traditional cars.

By 2030 and beyond, the electrification of transportation must be supported by major technological advances and significant investments in renewable and clean energy production that limits the consumption of primary resources as much as possible. 

Source:, article by Roberta Arbinolo, February 7, 2021.