Saclà and the new sustainable exhibitors

A new format that uses recyclable materials and optimizes transport

Again, with a view to sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact, Saclà has perfected its in-store displays. The new logistical setup provides for a footprint of 1/6th of a standard pallet. These are exhibitors which consider even the smallest store surfaces.

These displays optimise the transported volume and the material used to the maximum. The cardboard structure, entirely recyclable, is necessary to contain the products during transport but not only: once it reaches the point of sale, but part of the display can also be detached (pre-cut area) and, using an interlocking assembly, be used as a constituent element of the display itself.
An additional advantage of this new display setting is that the products can travel without heat-shrink coating to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste.

Assembly instructions for expo and crowner use.