Saclà, a sustainable story

For more than 80 years on the tables of Italians

Sustainability, in addition, being a topic of collective interest nowadays, has always been consistent with Saclà’s corporate philosophy.

In 1939, the company was founded, starting from the intuition of Secondo Ercole, known as “Pinin”, to store the surplus production of local vegetables, transforming them into consumable products at any time of the year. A business intuition led to a small food revolution which allowed reducing the agricultural surplus waste and made available even in the cold winter months.

In this photo: Secondo Ercole and his wife Piera Campanella.
A 1950s advertising poster read “Canned products that don’t taste like cans” proving how quality has always been the top priority. For over 30 years, Saclà has been cooperating 
for the most important raw materials with reliable farmers and producers who guarantee:
  • respect for the vegetable seasonality
  • the non-use of pesticides and harmful chemicals
  • a close look at organic farming

Therefore, this ground-breaking idea is an integral part of Saclà’s DNA which, over the years, has maintained and enhanced its approach towards sustainability and transparency.

Today, the company is managed by its President and Cavaliere del Lavoro Lorenzo Ercole and by his daughter Chiara Ercole, the CEO, she is an “Italian spirit” and always defends the goodness of food to bring the best possible product to the table, as regards taste organoleptic and nutrition.

Lorenzo Ercole, Cav. Del Lavoro and President F.lli Saclà.