Saclà helps the Asti hospital

A ventilator for the Asti hospital

Saclà has always supported the Asti community with which it identifies by sharing its history and identity. In the commitment to fight COVID-19, Saclà donated a ventilator to help the doctors and health personnel of the Intensive Care Department of the Massaia Hospital in Asti.

A supportive position demonstrated by Saclà through the delivery of the most advanced portable radiographic device that allows direct radiological examinations, guaranteeing immediate diagnosis and, above all, limiting the risks of contagion as much as possible by not transferring patients in other rooms. 

The great difficulties that the health system faced at the peak of the Coronavirus-related period can only prompt solidarity. Our decision to donate two medical devices to the Cardinal Massaja hospital in Asti, both as a family and as a company, goes in this direction”.
Chiara Ercole, Saclà’s CEO

Dr Laura Martincich, director of the Radiodiagnostic unit, and Dr Alessandro Bianchi, Director of Anesthesia and Intensive Care unit attended the event, who illustrated the features of the most advanced equipment capable of optimizing performance. 

During the meeting, Ms Chiara Ercole presented Dr Martincich with a plate to be affixed on the portable X-ray diagnostic device in memory of the donation made. 

From left: Giovanni Messori Ioli, ASL AT Commissioner, Chiara Ercole, Saclà's CEO, Laura Martincich, Director of Radiodiagnostics, Alessandro Bianchi, Director of Anesthesia and Intensive Care.