Saclà and the green promo “You win!”

Lots of olives, lots of ecological prizes

In June 2020 Saclà launched the “You win! And do some good for the planet,” which involved winning green and eco-friendly prizes.

The mechanics of promotion

The in-store promotion YOU WIN gave, purchasing a 2x290g
pitted green OlivOlì package, the possibility to play the code inside the package and therefore to find out if you won one of the prizes: 

  • a water bottle every day 
  • a Tucano backpack every week
  • a Bianchi bicycle every month

Three awards that promote a more sustainable, eco-friendly and above all healthy lifestyles. The reusable bottle reminds you of the importance of hydrating frequently every day and reducing the consumption and waste of disposable plastic bottles.
The backpack is made from 100% recycled materials to raise consumer awareness on the recycling topic.
At last, the bicycle is a green means of travel that does not affect the environmental impact and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.