Dragolì and Dragolà’s sustainability tips by Saclà

Saclà launches a promotion that teaches sustainable values to young children

In 2022, Saclà is promoting sustainability to children, with complimentary stickers of Dragolì and Dragolà inside each twinpack of Olivolì pitted green olives. Our two small dragons will share their sustainable tips such as playing in the open air, reusing things, being inclusive…and many other activities that support the planet and everybody who lives in it. In a nice, funny and simple way, Dragolì and Dragolà instil responsible behaviours to children, by giving small tips  for social, economical and environmental sustainability.

The little dragons learn sustainability by playing

“Each one of us, every day through just small changes, can reduce our environmental, social and economic impact. We at Saclà firmly believe that we can make things better if we all commit to the same goal. Little by little…let’s grow up together!”

Dragolì e Dragolà

10 tips by Dragolì and Dragolà to colour and collect!


Many things that you throw away can be repaired or used for something else, instead of simply becoming rubbish. Try to only throw something away when you’re sure it doesn’t work anymore and can’t be reused!

Unleash your creativity!


The planet is a precious gift to protect and preserve. Take care of it for you and everybody else – now and in the future.

Love the nature that’s all around you


Remember to separate different materials into specific rubbish bins. Always follow the instructions on the back of the packaging for recycling or disposal.

Separating makes you different


If you have some leftover food, don’t throw it away. Store it – you might be hungry later. Always think that there are children less fortunate than you.

Throwing away food is a waste

Go outside

Spending too much time in front of a TV screen or other devices isn’t good for you. Any time youget a chance,  go out and play in the open air. You’ll make new friends and fill your body with much-needed vitamin D.

Go outdoors and have fun!


Energy is expensive and sometimes the sources that make it  pollute the environment. If you’re inthe house and the sun is shining, turn off the lights, open the windows and let in the natural light. If you’re brushing your teeth turn off the tap to avoid wasting water. Turn off electronic devices when you’re not using them.

Don’t waste energy


As well as being  good for you, vegetables can be delicious too! Try all of them to find out which ones are your favourites!

Love your vegetables


Read and be hungry for knowledge. Curiosity will take you on exciting adventures.

Never stop learning


Being kind is free! If you have  good manners and show kindness,you’ll get back the same.

Be kind and do some good


Involve others in what you’re doing when you can. Sharing moments with others is great because each one of us is different and brings a special contribution to whatever you’re doing.

Cherish diversity